Marianne TebbensMy work in clay has evolved over the years from mostly functional, with the vessel as the predominant form, to an increasing number of sculptural pieces, with the human face, hands, torso, and elements of nature emerging. This evolution has occurred in conjunction with my work as a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, as well as through my own personal growth experiences.

Other themes emerging are human relationships, human emotions, and relationships between humans and Nature, and the dangers and risks to the feminine and the intuitive in our culture at this time in history. For example, in my sculptures of idealized feminine figures with goddess-like qualities, I may be asking the viewer to connect with aspects of the feminine, like strength, beauty, spirit, or sexuality. In expressing the connection between humans and the Earth (a series I call “Human Nature”), I often use sculptural elements from nature like leaves and shells, etc. And to represent human connections, or disconnections, I use sculpted faces, hands, and torsos.

After I have completed a series of sculptures I usually feel drawn back to my potters wheel and to the sweet and rhythmic dance of throwing simple functional forms again.

I create my pieces with a variety of clays and processes. I work in stoneware, porcelain, Raku and earthenware clays and fire in reduction, wood, salt, Raku, and primitive types of kilns. Process excites me, and the Alchemy of clay, form and fire offer me infinite possibilities. This is what has stimulated my creative energies for so many years, and keeps me fired up!!

- Marianne Tebbens
Clay Artist/Psychotherapist